Monday, August 5, 2013

Small Group Reading

Small Group Reading

Our school is fortunate enough to subscribe to Reading A-Z, which provides all sorts of great resources.  I am a fan of the leveled fluency passages, which I started using last year for timed repeated reading at the start of my small group reading block.  Students would whisper read for one minute, keeping track of their errors and charting their own progress.  As the week progressed, they would see their scores rise and begin to internalize why they should read at home both silently and aloud.

However, I noticed that not all of my students were being honest and accurate, so I've tweaked my plans to have them buddy read and buddy coach this year.  They will work with a partner (a new one each month who is in a different reading group) and provide feedback  for improvement.

I've used the Reading A-Z leveled readers for science lessons on heredity and genetics.  This topic isn't really covered in our text book, so we utilize this instead.  Students explore Punnet Squares, examine their own dominant and recessive traits, the works.  I like that the books have chapters, lots of informational text and plenty of text features to make the concept accessible to all my students.

I've used the books in small groups but didn't like how I would print fifteen pages (per student) and end up throwing them away.  Then I saw this idea on pinterest:

For some of the higher level books (W and up), I can print the books and keep them separated by reading level with different colored duct tape (which happens to be in the dollar bin at Target, score!).  That way the books can be used over and over again.

I also like this poster because even as fifth graders, they still need some reminders of what they're supposed to be doing.

 I'm excited for a new group of readers!

I also love doing things like this as easy rewards for my readers!

I can't wait for a new school year and a new group of readers!

Happy reading!

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