Thursday, August 29, 2013

Class pom poms

I am fortunate enough to work next to some super creative teachers who love to share ideas. 

One of my coworkers made adorable tissue paper pom poms for her table teams and bulletin board.  

I originally wanted to buy paper lanterns to color code my tables (to match their supply buckets) but couldn't find them all in the same size.

So I asked her for help.

Here is the step by step guide to make your own using tissue paper, yarn and paper clips (to hang from the ceiling).

Step 1:
Lay the tissue paper flat.  Use at least 8 pieces of tissue paper.

Step 2:
Create a fan by folding the tissue paper back and forth.  The folds should be about an inch wide.

Step 3:
Tie a string around the middle of the tissue paper.  Make sure to leave enough to hang the pom from the ceiling (or whatever you're hanging it from).

Step 4:
Carefully begin to fluff up the tissue paper.  Do one sheet at a time so you don't rip the tissue paper.

Step 5:
Fluff up half of the sheets on both sides of the yarn.  Your pom should look like this:

Step 6:
Flip the pom over and fluff the remaining half of the pom.

Step 7: 
Hang, enjoy and admire!

Happy crafting!

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