Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fluency prep for next week

Next week we are working on fluency during reading time, so in preparation, I made a new center:

(These masters are from a Kagan book)

My awesome coworker shared these with me since I'll be doing reading centers during small group time.

The Kagan activity is called "Quiz-Quiz Trade" where each student has a card.  Each student finds a partner, reads the card (Q on the front, A on the back), listens to the partner's card (tries to answer their question) and then trades cards.  Students don't hold on to their original card the whole time, allowing them to hear the correct answers to a variety of questions.

This fluency center will be stressing phrasing and expression, which means they will be reading in meaningful chunks while paying attention to punctuation cues.

Time to cut out some new cards!

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