Monday, May 23, 2016

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

All items in my {shop} will be 20% off from Saturday through Monday!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

It's gonna be May

(Picture from {fellow blogger})

First and foremost: 

1) Survive.

There are a lot of escalating behaviors. There are a lot of parent-teacher-principal meetings. There are a lot of frustrating days..

2) I know it's more than half way through the month.  I can still make goals.

3) Finish this grad class.  He (the instructor) wasn't joking when he said the course work would take 45 hours (outside of work) to complete in the month time frame.  Once I'm done, I'll officially be at masters +34, which meets my personal educational goal.  (More on why that doesn't matter to my district at a later date!)

4) Do my nails.  They've been bare for a week. It's a small thing I can do for myself to boost my mood.

Reading... a huge stack of opinion essays on which would make a better pet: cats or dogs.  Since I am the proud fur mama to both, I'm torn.

This is the best set of essays my students have written this year, which is exciting.  It's been wonderful to see their growth as writers (and learners).  There's a lot of humor in these essays and my favorite line so far is "claws before paws".  

However, once all of the chaos of the end of the year subsides, I'll be diving into this:

Can't wait!   Some of my students have already finished The Hidden Oracle because it was released weeks ago but I told them no spoilers.  Several have expressed empathy because I have to wait until school is done to start the book.

I lack self control with books. I will escape into the pages and emerge hours later, having blissfully ignored the world spinning around me.  However, with everything on my end of the year to do list, this is not an option.  Since I lack self control, I have to wait. 

Playing... how long can I put off writing my report card comments. It's a game no one wins.

Watching... Gilmore Girls, again, in preparation for the Netflix relaunch of four epic episodes later this year.

Trying... to be positive.  This continues to be a struggle at the present time.

Being a grown up really stinks sometimes.

Cooking... nothing.  I was not aware of the true size of a 24" pizza from Angelina's so when I picked one up for me and will feed us for a week.  The box did not fit in our fridge.  The box did not fit in the front seat of my car but instead went in the trunk.  So we will be eating left overs all week.

Eating...previously mentioned monster-sized pizza.

Drinking..water.  Lots and lots of water.

Calling... my mom, soon (ish).

Texting...B's mom about what she needs from the store.

Pinning... end of the year ideas.

Going... to finish grading. I have 2 final tests to give (and grade) on Monday and then year 7 will officially be in the books!

Loving...all the support surrounding my dear friend Ashley. She's a bit of a medical mystery and despite the weeks of hospitalization with no definite answers, she's got a smile on her face. She's one of the strongest people I know.  

She's also a die-hard Carolina Panthers I redecorated for her:


Waffles and I went to visit her yesterday.  We brought her family dinner and then I did her nails because everyone needs some girly time.  Waffles absolutely loves going to the rehab center because so many people want to stop and pet her.  

She's not a therapy dog but will happily sit and let anyone rub her belly.  She is also very gentle and was on her best behavior (it was our second visit).  Waffles also did amazing with the little kids that were there, which is good news for our future (IN A FEW YEARS) kids.

Hating... that she has no answers and isn't getting betterAt school I'm not a fan of the fact that about eight students are ruining the end of the year for everyone

Discovering... fifth grade may not be the grade for me.  That's rough to process, but there's a new crisis each day and it's getting hard to handle. 

But I'm trying to cope and focus on the positives through journaling:

Thinking... about opportunities.  I'm sorting through a lot of "maybe" scenarios for the future, so I stocked up on some office supplies to help me sort through my thoughts:

To be fair, I don't ever really need a reason to buy new office supplies!

Feeling... like my nose may fall off.  Thank goodness my face CT and follow up with the ENT is scheduled for the first week of summer break.

Hoping (for)...minimal to no report card edits!  We submit our grades and report card comments to administration.  My principal double checks that the comments are appropriate and specific for each child.  Then gives them back with editing remarks.  I'm hoping for a short stack!  Last semester I just had a few misplaced commas, nothing urgent.

Listening (to)...B watch a video for class.

Celebrating... that this school year is almost over! That means a new planner for next year:

Smelling... nothing. Thank you allergies.

Thanking... everything holy that the school year for being almost over!

Considering... a nap. 

Starting... to prep for next week's baby shower at work.  In the past two weeks, I've hosted a Amber's bridal shower:

And baby showers (two at once):

I do the shopping and decorating.  Another amazing staff member makes the cakes.  Team work is truly winning at our school!
 Finishing... the grading today, even if all the curse words are involved!

Stuff and Things

I've shared a few times about my love of Dr. Fisher and Dr. Frey's work:

I've read it for grad school classes and really enjoyed their style.

Well, as luck would have it, I got to meet them.  Yes, Dr. Fisher and Dr. Frey not only came to CCSD, they came specifically to my elementary school (which is one of three hundred or so, to put things in perspective).

First Dr. Fisher came.  He didn't observe my teaching or see my classroom because we were on a field trip.  We encountered him in the hallway on the way back to class.

What did my charming fifth graders say when Dr. Fisher asked them what they learned on their field trip to the science museum?


And Things.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, my fifth graders could not articulate anything they'd learned that morning while exploring electricity, energy, forensics, archeology, and so forth.  So they told Dr. Fisher they learned "stuff and things."

He laughed and rolled with it, but I was mortified.

When we got back to the classroom, I held up my copy of his published work.  They knew he was at our school and asked when he was coming in.  I calmly informed them all that they had just met him and told him they learned "stuff and things".

You could hear a pin drop.

Luckily, our visit with Dr. Frey was much more successful.  Dr. Fisher had a lot of positives to share about his visit, so Dr. Frey and other colleagues wanted to come out to see our work.

Once again, fifth grade had managed to schedule a field trip on her visit. I came back from the field trip, took my kids to recess, then sat in on the debrief meeting.  She had questions regarding integration of sources with units of study, which luckily I'd planned for fifth grade's unit on causes of the American Revolution.  They also wanted to know more about the Scholar level for Reading Rangers, which I'd piloted that year.  

Dr. Frey talked about wanting to do follow up visits and some field testing for research purposes.  I can't speak for the other teachers on the literacy committee, but I am genuinely excited about this upcoming collaboration.  The chance to work with published researchers on improving literacy? The possibility of discussing literacy at international conferences?

Yes please!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Wedding Updates

One of my bridesmaids reminded me last week that my wedding to B is officially six months away!  Time is really flying!  Here's what has happened since {the last update}:

1) I have my dress.  It's a bit too long and needs to be taken in at the top, but I love it.  It's wonderful with my shoes.  I went with Katie, one of my bridesmaids.  She took close ups of the beading so I can match jewelry.  

2) We took our engagement pictures.

They are perfect.  Huge shout out to {Amy Bonzo Photography}!

3) We made our save the dates, ordered them when Shutterfly had a sale, and they were here within days.  DAYS.  

I had a few stragglers who weren't responding to my requests for zip codes, but they were all officially mailed out as of this afternoon.

I've shared about it before, but this stamp:

Life-saver.  Hurray for {Stamp the Envelope} on Etsy! 

4) Started preliminary plans for our honeymoon! (Next summer)

Up next?

1) Scheduling hair trials now that my head piece is here (and gorgeous!)

2) Meeting with the venue in July.

3) Bridal shower in July.

4) Find jewelry.

5) Passports.

Under 200 days!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

I'm Still Here

It's been a rough few weeks.

I'm still trying to sort out the events that contributed to my big slice of humble pie.

I escaped to California for a much needed soul break and to celebrate a friend's bachelorette party at Disneyland.

It's the end of the school year.

I'm in grad school and it's incredibly time consuming.

I'm planning a wedding, bridal showers, and baby showers.  

So, I'm here, and I'm trying to do better at this whole blogging thing.

Stay tuned.

#Bestdayever Indeed!

Last month I was fortunate to have not one, but two projects funded by #bestdayever on {donorschoose}!

We are fortunate enough to have some brand new supplies in our classroom!

Thank you so much donors!