Monday, June 27, 2016

End of June

The end of June meant I sort of slacked on my "Joyous June" posts.  Sorry.

Let's recap what's been consuming my time:


Al Capone Does My Homework, the third (and final?) in the Al Capone series.  

Not loving it, but read the other two and feel an obligation to finish the series.

Plus, I have a snuggly helper!   Wait, helpers...


Shark Week.  

Without shame. It's my favorite time of the year!


This baby shower wreath for my (future) SIL and future niece or nephew.  The shower is this coming Saturday (July 2nd) and she's scheduled for her C-section on the fifth.  

Even with coupons, this was an expensive project (both financially and with my time).  I'd never tackled a wreath with multiple layers and I think it turned out alright.  The instructions I found on Pinterest weren't super helpful, so I winged it.  I did the entire base layer of burlap
 first, then weaved in the yellow polka dotted burlap.  From there, I added the black chevron burlap.  I then added the gray ribbon and smaller yellow chevron ribbon.  I glued on the chalk board, but also added crafting wire and tape to make it more secure.  


1 wire wreath frame
60 ft of burlap
15 feet of decorative burlap (polka dotted and chevron)
2 spools of gray ribbon
3 spools of yellow chevron ribbon (one to frame the chalk board, two for weaving in the wreath)
1 chalk board
bee accents (4 buttons, 2 wooden designs)
Chalk board markers     

The chalk board took about an hour because the letters require multiple coats to be so vibrant.  I started with framing the board with chevron ribbon and then adding the letters.  I then used tacky glue to secure the wooden bees.

I've made burlap wreaths before, but this one still took four and a half hours.  Luckily Netflix was there to accompany my crafting binge.  I didn't want to stop midway through to put all the materials away so I pulled a late night crafting party.    

Working on...

I just finished another bundle for {Ava and Pip},  have a Snicker of Magic one in the works, pinning beginning of the year classroom ideas, and being reflective on my teaching craft and careers.  I've also been working on filing, shredding, and house cleaning because that's a necessary evil.  I've also set up future sales on TpT for the 4th of July, Percy Jackson's birthday, and more!  Stay tuned for more details.


Well, trying to live with yet another sinus infection.  My nostrils tingle all the time, it hurts to breathe, and nose sprays only provide temporary relief.  After much hoop jumping with insurance, I've got an appointment at the end of this month to hopefully get the clearance I need to proceed with surgery.

 I also had some of my bridesmaids over to work on bridal shower crafting, but more on that later!

We took passport pictures.   Only one of us was excited about it...and the other was B.

Oh, and we attended Amber's wedding.

We also attended one of our flower girl's fourth birthday party.

I go back to work for a planning day tomorrow, then have no plans until the weekend. I feel guilty for not working, especially when many of my cowokers are subbing at year round schools, but I'm finding things to fill my time.  Summers definitely confirm that being a stay at home mom would not be the job for me.  I know some women do this and are wonderful at it, but I'm getting stir crazy after only a few days at home.


Friday, June 24, 2016

Happy Birthday to My Blog!

Three years and close to 100,000 views.  How time flies!  

If you've been with me since the beginning, thank you.  If you're new here, welcome to my small corner of the blogging sphere.  

My blog focuses mostly on education and life in my fifth grade classroom, but will occasionally detour into wedding planning, party planning, or home decor.  So grab a cup of tea and stay for a few!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

All Bundled Up!

So I'm rather late to the game on this, but I decided to bundle all of my novel guides on TpT with the corresponding centers.  As a teacher, I'd want to buy in bulk to save, so I should do that for my customers!

So the past several days have been spent creating these bundled packs, so I'm pleased to announce the round of products!

{The Lightning Thief} bundle contains 3 centers and my teacher guide.

{The Sea of Monsters} bundle contains 2 centers and my teacher guide.

{The Titan's Curse} bundle contains 2 centers and my teacher guide.

{The Battle of the Labyrinth} bundle contains 2 centers and my teacher guide.

{The Last Olympian} bundle

{The Olympians} bundle: All five previous bundles, all bundled.  Includes the bonus products of movie comparison guides!

{The Lost Hero} bundle contains the chronological order sort and my teacher guide.

{The Son of Neptune} bundle contains the chronological order sort and teacher guide.
{The Mark of Athena} bundle contains the chronological order sort and the teacher guide.

{The House of Hades} bundle contains the chronological order sort and the teacher guide.

{The Blood of Olympus} bundle contains the teacher guide & chronological order sort.

{The Heroes of Olympus}: Previously five listed bundles.  The bundling of the bundles!

{The Red Pyramid}: bundle contains the novel guide and chronological order sort for the first of Sadie and Carter's Egyptian adventures!

{The Throne of Fire}: round two for Carter and Sadie!

{The Serpent's Shadow}: the final (for now) adventure for the Kane siblings, nicely bundled for your convenience.

{The Kane Chronicles}: bundle of previous three bundles.

{The Sword of Summer} bundle contains the chronological order sort and the teacher guide.

Yikes, no wonder I'm exhausted!  On the bright side, I'm much closer to my end of summer goal of 200 TpT products!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Goal Diggers

Last weekend I had my first make up party for {Younique} and it went okay.  However, having the ridiculously overactive, hyper reflective brain that I do, I wanted to debrief with someone.

So I asked my friend (and fellow Y-sister) Amy to meet me at Starbucks.  I hadn't seen her in a few days, she lives super close, and I had to return a few things that I'd borrowed.  Besides, Starbucks makes my heart happy.

It was a really good catch up/bonding/goal setting session.

I've got some new ideas I'm excited to try and even more important, I have a fellow big dreaming, goal digger friend who lets me visualize where I want to be this time next year.  Amy and I both teach (which is a full time job in itself) and have multiple other businesses to build the lives we want.
 Who's in your tribe?

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Half Time

I'm officially a few weeks into summer so I thought I'd pause and reflect back on my {June Goals} and {summer goals}.  Both posts are repeated (but shortened) in this post.

First and foremost, I want to follow through with the {Joyous June} challenge.  First post is up!

So far so good? I've missed a few days here and there, but for the most part I've found happy things to share each day.
Second, I want to finish deep cleaning the house...

I've cleaned? No further deep cleaning has begun.

Third, I'm going to commit to healthy habits.  

So one gym date has occurred and I've done some lifting at home.  I went line dancing, so I'm counting that as exercise!

Fourth, I'm going to try to cook more.  We're trying to save money and that means less eating out and more cooking at home.  

About that...I've tried!  We made our meal plan for the week.  Tuesday is {crockpot fajitas} which were delicious!  We're trying a new recipe on Thursday for {Hawaiian BBQ chicken wraps}.  I'll keep you all posted!

Fifth, I will attend all my appointments. 

There were a lot of them.  Waffles had her shots.  Cats are scheduled for next month. Trainings are done.  Ring is cleaned and repaired.  Wedding hair trial is this week.  Eye doctor and ear doctor appointments are next month.  Sinus surgery is tentatively scheduled for early August.  Check, check, check!

Sixth, I will find non-wedding things to craft.  One of my bridesmaids just got a new position within the school district and that calls for a new cute sign for her office!

Yup. Done. She gets it Friday.

Seventh, I will NOT turn to shopping for entertainment.  

Other than the {Shark Week shirt} I needed on Etsy, I've been really good.

Seriously, how cute is this:

B rolled his eyes, but I love Shark Week!  

Eighth, I will host a make up and nails party for a friend. 

Done! Everyone had fun.

Ninth, I will enjoy reading.  I've got two books for the classroom and one professional book on the coffee table. I'll try to get through all three this month.

First is finished, I'll start second tomorrow!

Tenth, I won't feel guilty for this earned time off.  

Working on it...

Lastly, I will be reflective on my teaching practices.  This year was rough.

Working on it...

What are your goals for the month?

Over halfway through and doing fairly well! Let's hop to summer goals...


So, because I'm all fired up (and well rested), I thought I'd carve out some time to do summer goal setting.

1) Craft for others.  I made a sign for my friend for her future job: (See above post)

And another is in the works done!  However, I won't see the lovely Erin until next month and I'm keeping it a secret.

2) Help others.  One friend wants me to help her decorate her mantle while another wants help redecorating her little boy's room.  My future MIL wants help redecorating their house.  I will happily lend my shopping services to others!

 I'm going shopping this week to help my future SIL with her upcoming baby shower. I've been tasked with a welcome wreath.  Burlap, I shall win!

3) Read.  

I'm working on finished with The Hidden Oracle and loving loved it.  I've got Al Capone does my Homework and Wonder on my night stand.  I also have Love and Logic to help me shift some practices in my classroom instruction.  

4) Get ahead for next year.

I accepted the position as a 4/5 literacy representative for my school.  This doesn't mean I'm out of the classroom.  What it means is all my preps have been bought out for what I assume are meetings, trainings, and observations.  I will have to make sure I get to work extra early to be fully ready for my day.

Um, I've looked on pinterest and bought a pencil shaped banner at Target.  That's enough.

5) Develop more products for TpT.

Right now I'm sitting at 177.  My end of summer goal is to be at 200.  I have a few that need to be cleaned up (now that I've field tested them with the fifth graders), a few in the works, and a few that are just floating around in my head. 

I posted three this week.  I also figured out (I think) how to group PDFs together to bundle products. 

6) Organize the garage.

Since a bulk of my teaching things had to come home for the summer because my classroom was being painted and used for summer school, the garage became the dumping ground.  I'd like to finish sorting through teaching materials and organize all our stuff into boxes.  

Yeah...haven't started.  We're in an excessive heat warning, so willingly spending time doing manual labor outside is out of the question.  I hope to get a garage fridge soon! (From his grandma because we aren't making any major purchases.)

 7) Organize the house.  

The pantry has fallen into disarray. I need to get read of clothes that no longer fit or shoes I haven't worn in years.  It's time to declutter and simplify.  I might as well deep clean while I'm at it.

Haven't really done this.  #sorrynotsorry

 8) Try new things.  Even if they're scary.

Tomorrow's is a whole series of selfies about a new lip stain.  Next week I'll try self tanner.  The week after that? New cocktail recipes.

I did a few videos for a make up post...that's all for now.  

9) Write more. I have a few new journals. I enjoy blogging here.  I need to get out of my head and onto paper (or screen) more often.

Work in progress...

10) Exercise more. Today was a good start! 

...but apparently it was a one day good start.  We'll try again tomorrow!

 What are your goals?  Do you have a time frame for accomplishing them?

I sit here at half way through the month (half time if you will) and I'm pleased with my work. I need to devote a little more time to exercise and reading, but I haven't completely abandoned any goalsCleaning will come when the mood strikes (which is right before company comes over.)

Simply writing down goals is part of the battle, but they become wishes if you don't do anything to achieve them.  


So Much Adulting

I'm going to pause all my adulting for the day to give myself a pat on the back.

What adulting did I accomplish?

I went to church with some girl friends, then brunch.  These two activities should go hand in hand.

I did laundry.

I un-decorated the house from yesterday's make up & manicures party.

I made a grocery list and meal planned for the week.

I finished another product for TpT. 

I paid bills.

I wrote down all my commitments for the week.

I got out coupons for upcoming purchases.

I resisted the "take a nap" urge.

I worked on thank you cards.

...and I'm now exhausted.  I'll combat the #adulting situation with popcorn for dinner. 


Friday, June 17, 2016

Fri Yay?

I struggled today to find things to be joyous about.  

Father's day brings up all sorts of unpleasant feelings.  Last year we conveniently adopted our puppy, so that distracted me as I overwhelmed the internet with pictures of my new baby.

Seriously, look how cute and little she was:

She's still cute, just not so little anymore. 

Father's day is rough.  B's dad is out of town on an annual fathers' trip but I still picked him up a card and gift from the both of us.

I had an appointment with my ENT this morning.  We are going to proceed with sinus surgery to correct my deviated septum and blocked sinus passages.  It's tentatively scheduled for Monday, August 8th (right after a dress fitting appointment).  It's an 8 day recovery time, which takes me right up until I can go back to work.  I have an appointment with my primary care physician at the end of July.  I'm optimistic that insurance will get things done in a timely manner and that I can have this operation before going back to school.  Because you know, breathing is important.

However, I also haven't had the best relationship with my teacher's health insurance, so I'm fully aware there's a possibility that this operation will take place in December.  I also have no idea what the cost will be, so that's a little terrifying as well. 

While I was super excited about saving money at Target, it was kind of an expensive trip.  We needed new light bulbs, trash bags, and a father's day gift, so that was a good chunk of change.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning in preparation for tomorrow's {make up} and {manicures} girl time.  Sunday will involve girl time and a nap.  

Even though I've been out for two weeks, I feel like summer "officially" starts next week.  I won't have any trainings or appointments (except at the hair salon for my wedding hair trial!).  I've got girl time next Friday with some of my bridesmaids to finish up bridal shower stuff.

I'm trying to still find some joy in this Friday.  What are you excited for?