Sunday, May 21, 2017

Appreciating Teachers

With summer in sight, the first part of May is dedicated to a week of celebrating teachers.  

As a fifth grade teacher, this week can bring out a bit of jealousy.  Watching the primary teachers (especially kindergarten teachers) be showered with gifts on a daily basis is a bit hard to watch.  See, in lower grades, there appears to be a lot more love and respect for teachers.  The little ones absolutely love their teachers (most of the time).  By fifth grade, school isn't a novelty anymore and the hormone/puberty beast is alive and well.

However, I did get some sweet gifts and cards from my students and their families:

(Not pictured: the delicious homemade lemon bars. They didn't last long enough to get a picture...)

Our PTA is amazing and fed us lunch every day.  Seriously, food is the way to our hearts!  Between Raisin' Canes, a taco truck, and make your own trail mix, we felt loved by our school.

So any parents reading this, please acknowledge your child's teachers.  Even with just a hand written note about how much you've meant to them will mean the world.

On a side note, chocolate is also almost always welcomed, especially at the end of the year as we are running on empty.