Sunday, April 3, 2016

It doesn't hurt to ask...

I've been doing a lot of wedding purchases on Etsy for several reasons:

1) Many of the items are cheaper or comparable to what I'd find in stores, but I don't have to leave the house.  Since I've been super sick, this is a huge plus. 

2) Many of the items are way cooler than what I'm finding in stores.  Sure, I could go with a generic sparkly S on the top of our cake.  Or those plastic cake toppers of the groom running away from the bride. 

Or I could go with our custom Batman one.  

For the same price.  

Naturally, I chose the Batman one.  Thank you Etsy for making this magic happen.

3) I'm supporting small businesses, which makes my heart happy.  Since I've got three side small businesses ({TpT}, {Jamberry} nail wraps, and {Younique} make up), I know how hard it is to have these side projects.  Plus I'm (ideally) supporting families.  

4)  I get to talk to the sellers first. I think I've messaged most of them with questions about the products and usually hear back within 24 hours.  That doesn't happen if I'm buying at a store.  I'm able to work with the sellers to customize items with exactly what I want, which is great.

Plus...I drop the "this is for bridesmaids" or "since I'm ordering several, is there a discount?" line and most of the time, the answer is yes!  Sellers will bundle items (to save me the cost of shipping) or give a small discount because I'm buying 6 or more of something. 

It doesn't hurt to ask!




April brings:

1) Pep Rally (that happened Friday and I'm still exhausted...but more on that later)

2) Final graduate classes to hit masters +32 (well, it will end up being +34...and one starts tomorrow.)

3) Several different paid teacher workshops.  They're two hours a piece, I might learn something, and they're paid, which helps with wedding expenses.

4) Standardized testing...on the computers.  This starts Tuesday morning.    I'm testing in the computer pod outside my classroom, but many of these amazing {things to do while actively monitoring testing} will still work.  Personally I'm a fan of the making car noises in my head suggestion.

5) B's 30th birthday.

6) Engagement pictures.

7) Erin's bridal shower in California.

8) Reed, Owen, and Ty are all celebrating their first birthdays.  Lily J turns 4 and Lily B turns 7.  There are lots of cute kids in my life (thanks friends for procreating!).

9) Doctors' appointments. I'm seeing an ENT specialist on Saturday. I'm hoping for some answers because this sinus infection is going on a month. A month. It's awful and I hate being outside.
10) Teaching, or at least attempting to provide an educational environment free of temper tantrums, theft, and melt downs.  They're all hormonal and it's a rather rough class at times.

11) Field trip to the Animal Grossology exhibit.  We need to figure out chaperones...and do more paperwork.

12) I'm having a bit of a fangirl moment because Fisher, of this book I read last month:

Will apparently be at our school this month.  There's a principal meeting and he's attending...and doing walk throughs.  How exciting! 

But, let's jump into what's happening this month.
Reading... Binny for Short. STILL. It's another YA book for Battle of the Books and the last one I'm trying to complete. Let's be real, I don't think I'll finish it.

  Especially when Rick has Demigods and Magicians coming out April 5th and a new novel next month...

Playing... how long will this sinus infection go on? Three rounds of antibiotics and it's still here.

Watching... well, rewatching Arrow reruns on Netflix.  I finished Once Upon a Time, so at least I'm consistent in that goal!

Trying... to be positive.  This continues to be a struggle at the present time.

Being a grown up really stinks sometimes.

Cooking... nothing.  It's a soup kind of day.

Eating... toast. 

Drinking..water.  Lots and lots of water.

Calling... no one. I just tried the doctor and it's not their regular business hours. grade level. Mrs. H has her birthday tomorrow so we're coordinating who is bringing which surprises.

Pinning... end of the year activities.  I've got some difficult students, but I've also got some great ones. I want to make their end of the day

Going... ignore grading for the day. I fully graded 2/4 assignments and got started on the other 2. I'll call it progress.

Loving...Etsy..and coupons!

Hating... allergies. Sinus infection. My face.

Discovering... that I know nothing about the new STEM kits we got and I have some research to do!

Thinking... about bed.  My face hurts. There's a lot happening this week and maybe I need to rest up for it.

Feeling... like I can never catch up. 

Hoping (for)...standardized testing to go off smoothly without a hitch.

Listening (to)...B play video games/listen to videos for his class.

Celebrating... progress.  Not success, just progress in the general onward direction.

Smelling... nothing. Thank you allergies.

Thanking... B for being wonderful.

Considering... trying to find a job that lets me craft things, read books, plan weddings, and drink mimosas while wearing pajamas and/or yoga pants.  Where is that job?

Starting... to realize that I can't trust everyone I work with and that's a hard truth to swallow.

Finishing... this and crawling back into bed.