Monday, July 29, 2013

Resources for maps

I love teaching about maps and science/social studies.  Here are some great resources I stumbled upon while researching this summer.

This gem from national geographic is interactive and very student friendly.

 I didn't complete the whole game but it definitely scaffolds instruction for the students.  It also nicely lends itself for a cross curricular lesson with coordinate planes and graphing in the first quadrant.

The second site is unfortunately loaded with ads, but still has a lot of good vocabulary for students.

I would use this with caution due to the ads, but this could definitely be adapted by taking the relevant information and putting it into a word document for student notes.  That way, you can practice highlighting skills and note taking in addition to the science content.

This anchor chart does a great job at providing picture examples to go along with the vocabulary words.

 This anchor chart goes great with the land forms kit I teach and is wonderful for ELL (English Language Learners) students.

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