Friday, July 26, 2013

Making students feel special

I'm a firm believer in making students feel special, valued and cared for in the classroom.  Whether it's notes home, a positive phone call, a high five or praise in front of the class, I believe in acknowledging the good in others.  As educators, we are so quick to point out the negative behavior without appreciating the good moments.

So I'm going to try to add more joy into my classroom by empowering students and creating a culture of success.  I found this idea on pinterest and am ready to go hit up some thrift stores to find my own special chair.

The original idea from the first blog had students add stickers, but I think just a fresh coat of paint and some pretty letters will do the trick.  I'm thinking a black chair with white letters.  Of course, the letters will either be sparkly or polka-dotted :)

I like the colors of the second blog's chair too :)

For perfect polka dots, use the end of a pencil's eraser :)  Works like a charm!

I think this chair will be reserved for students to share out their writing or as a reward in the prize bin.  I love the idea of me not having to buy things as a reward and using a coupon system instead!

Now, to find a chair that's sturdy enough for eleven year old boys but cheap enough on my teacher's salary :)

And for perhaps the cheapest of all: butcher paper, tape and smarties to create this:

Glittery pencil packs are often at the Dollar Tree :)

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