Thursday, July 25, 2013

Parent involvement

I love helpful parents and am always trying to get more community involvement.  However, as educators, we are posed with the problem of how to get parents and community members to help.  I love help with copies, bulletin boards and grading progress monitoring.  What I love even more is parents that work with their students at home and are on top of school work.  I love parents that support their children and realize that education is a journey.  Not every child learns the same way and at the same rate.  This might be one of my biggest reasons why I am an advocate of the Common Core State Standards: the goal is end of year mastery.  This helps students realize that learning isn't a "one time thing" and that they must continually practice skills.  But back to parents and families, I am asked often how they can help beyond reading with their kids and checking homework.

Then I stumbled upon these gems on pinterest, courtesy of this blog:


I love the simplicity and transparency of these hand outs.  They provide straight forward ideas to help with comprehension and number sense.

I plan to get them translated into Spanish for our demographic, then make them into QR codes and post outside my classroom as well as on my welcome letter.  By posting them as QR codes, families will always have access to them electronically. I will also send them home with my welcome letter and have them at  both Meet the Teacher and Open House.  I'm excited and looking forward to more family involvement this year :)

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