Thursday, July 25, 2013

Time for a Goodwill trip, I have the urge to upcycle!

I love upcycling. I love the idea of taking something old and upcycling it into something new, useful and beautiful.  It's usually cheaper than buying new and is better for the environment. 

I just bought new twin sheets to upcycle into bulletin boards.  I just realized that table cloths will also work, especially for seasonal boards.  Just make sure to get rectangular ones, not oval! (Since I don't think anyone has oval or circular bulletin boards...but that'd be cool!)

My latest pinterest idea is to reuse a cutting block for desk supplies, like this:

Of course, I'd spray paint mine pink with white polka dots.  To do this, I'd paint the whole block white, then use these

to create a polka dot pattern.  I've learned from past upcycling projects that white dots work WAY better than colored ones.  The colorful ones tend to bleed.  However, you can skip a painting step by applying the stickers over the base color.  Or paint the stickers the desired polka dot color. Then I'd paint the entire thing pink :)  

Time to go crafting!

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