Sunday, July 14, 2013

New Students

Don't get me wrong, I love new students.  I am sad when students leave my classroom and I like seeing new faces. However, new students can cause a little bit of stress in a school such as mine with a high transiency rate.

I sometimes get anxious when I don't have warning that a new student is coming because I like to have everything ready for the new munchkin.  Then I saw this brilliant idea on pinterest:

I will so be making ten of these :) 

I also love the idea of a "notebook swap" where students who come unprepared (for a variety of reasons, some beyond their control).  I give them a notebook and the next day they either give me a new notebook (for our class supply) or a dollar (so I can buy more).  That way I'm not buying all of them out of pocket and students are more responsible.  Of course, there are always some students who can't pay and for that, special exceptions are to be made.

In my "new student" packet, I would include my expectations, welcome letter, iPad forms and our school policies (attendance, dress code, etc).  What else would you include?

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