Friday, July 26, 2013

Pringles cans get an upgrade

So I had this Pringles can...I was going to throw it away but then I had a better idea:


So I went in search of some pretty scrap book paper and modge podge. The larger, 12x12in scrapbook paper works best because you only need one sheet.  I was lucky enough to find glitter modge podge and well, why not add some sparkle and joy into teaching?  

By the time I was done modge podging, my former Pringles can looked super snazzy.  I was going to use it as a container for a math game, but then I stumbled upon this idea on pinterest:

Yup, my old Pringles can is going to be upcycled into a snazzy ruler holder!  Granted, I might need to make another since I've got a lot of rulers in my classroom.

But then I got to thinking what other uses I could have for a decorated Pringles can...

Perhaps to hold these pointers?

Perhaps as a vase for fake flowers (with pens attached of course, we must have multiple purposes)?

Perhaps for the sacred teachers only scissors? 

Perhaps for another purpose I have yet to think of :)

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