Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Book suggestions

So I just sort of realized that running two different reading blocks means I need more novel suggestions to read with students.  Since I send my kiddos home with the books as part of their homework and written responses to literature, it's not like two groups can share the same book at the same time.  I mean, I will pace out the groups as best I can so one group is always ahead of another with book series (Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, etc).

However, I need some other book suggestions so I can work on teacher grants or visit the library.

I am currently reading Jerry Spinelli's Loser and loving it.

I am part way through Rick Riordan's The Lost Hero and have the two sequels on my coffee table: 

I have these books ready to read with small groups:


So what else should I read? I'm looking for book suggestions for DRA levels 40-60 or grade level equivalents 4.0 and up.  

Please recommend novels and why my munchkins should read them :)

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