Thursday, July 18, 2013

Upcycling Projects

I love the idea of upcycling, which is basically taking an object that would normally be recycled or trashed and with a little TLC, turning ordinary objects into cuter versions :)

Project Number One:
-spagetti sauce jars
-spray paint

Remove all labels from the jars, cleaning out jars if necessary.  Spray paint the jar's lid in your color preference (I like a nice metallic silver).  Add a knob from the hardware store with super glue, allowing time to dry.  Add another coat of spray paint to the knob and lid.  Allow to dry and enjoy!

Tada!  Totally cute jars for classroom supplies like erasers, pencil sharpeners, band aids, etc. They look super fancy and upscale.  No one as to know you upcycled :)

Bonus: these could easily be used in the home as well!

Pringles cans also work great as containers for games.  Simply clean the container, modge podge on some pretty scrapbook paper and enjoy your new cute containers! 

Using plastic cups and a sharpie, you can easily write the skills that you want your students to practice: multiplication, division, affixes, etc.

While mine aren't quite as cute as hers, I used glitter modge podge and a Pringles can to make a new container for math games:

Happy upcycling!  

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