Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Notebooks & Anchor Charts

I love pinterest. I check this site far too frequently. In fact, I wish there was some sort of professional development credit for pinning teacher things because I've gotten more great ideas there than from some of my masters classes...no offense UNLV :)

Here are some of my recent favorites that I'm excited to try in my classroom.

This teacher used hangers for her anchor charts.  I love that idea because for some reason, I'm always out of wall space!  (Ok, I know the reason...we make a lot of anchor charts in fifth grade!) 

Of course, you can always try this idea for anchor charts:

You take a picture of the chart, then print it and place it in a binder for student reference.  I'd also make 1/2 page copies so students can glue this reference into their notebooks.

Speaking of notebooks, I wish I'd made a table of contents page last year...so I made my own:

I based it off of this image, but I didn't like the pages pre-listed for students

Glue in a table of contents so you only use one page, not three.  Genius.
I made a PDF of table of content notebook pages for multiple subjects, which you can grab here for a buck and change :)

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