Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Like almost every teacher I know, I LOVE free things.  LOVE THEM.  Potentially to the point of hoarder-like love, but if the resource is free and useful...

Here are some of my favorite freebies I've found:

 This gem I found on pinterest from another blog.  It aligns so nicely with the Common Core State Standards, specifically our RI/RL 5.1 standard of quoting accurately and making inferences.  I printed this cute freebie on colorful paper, laminated them for my students and tada! A handy mini-anchor chart with sentence stems to help them answer questions.  Obviously I modeled how to use these question stems with the class before I revealed that the source was from a bookmark, which they were all getting a copy of.  Their excitement may have mirrored Oprah's audience members on her give away days, but it's the little things that excite ten year olds.  In this case, laminated paper bookmarks are the hot ticket item.

Speaking of hot ticket bookmarks, this keeper was a freebie from TpT.  

Capitalizing on the catchy lyrics of "Call Me Maybe", this bookmark made my students chuckle.  Be sure to make extras :)

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