Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Last year, I was gifted by our community partners with one of these sweet personal laminating machines:

I know they are for sale at Target for around thirty bucks if you want your own (which I highly recommend).  Target and Wal-mart also sell laminating sheets, but I prefer to pick up a mega pack of 200 at Sam's Club for around twenty dollars.  The lamination sheets are thicker than the ones at our school, which means my centers hold up better to mischievous fifth graders' hands.  Plus, when you own your own lamination machine, you don't have to rely on your often overwhelmed office staff.  Plus, you can easily laminate while watching TV and call it being productive :)

However, I have learned that the thrill of warm lamination calls to more than just me.  

Meet my homework and lamination helpers: 

This is Chloe:

She offers helpful feedback when grading.  Sometimes she'll bring me a pom pom and we will play fetch instead of grading.  

This is Crookshanks:

She likes to lay on warm lamination and try to eat it while I'm cutting it out.  She is equally helpful with warm laundry right out of the dryer.  Yes, her name is derived from Harry Potter.  No one should be surprised by this.

She also assists with my novel units:

Usually, she will try to lay on both the book and my notebook (where I'm taking notes).  So helpful.

To all of my students, I apologize if your papers have bite marks in them.  My two helpers do legitimately try to eat your work some times.

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