Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Posters, Round 2

As much as fire code will let me, I plan to cover my classroom in anchor charts that I make with my students.  I'll take pictures of our anchor charts and make notebook sized copies for my students. There will be anchor charts for phonics, writing, reading skills, science terms, vocabulary words, read alouds, the works!   However, I will be making a few of these posters about norms and expectations. I love these cute ideas from pinterest:

I love that this stresses the importance of learning :)

I don't know what book this teacher is using, but I love the anchor chart:

I really like the evidence component because it focuses on RL/RI 5.1.  For those readers not well versed in the Common Core State Standards, both these anchor strands require students to quote accurately and use inferences, which is nicely supported by this anchor chart's structure.

This is another great anchor chart with quoting:

This one is great too!

Here's a great TpT freebie:

This poster does a wonderful job at reframing what it means to fail:

Failure is part of trying. It doesn't mean it defines students, it just means there is more to the journey.

This one perfectly illustrates the 8 math practices, but in student friendly language:

(From this blog)

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