Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Math Taboo!

One of my favorite board games is Taboo:

So I recreated the game into a math version for my students.  It is aligned to the Common Core and challenges teams to guess the math vocabulary word without saying the words below.  I made a fifth grade version (since that's what I teach)

 Here is a sample image:

You can download your own 24 page unit at my TpT store here.  Instructions for students are included. Beyond the cards, you just need some sort of timer to keep students on task.  

As with all my products, I'd recommend laminating them to increase durability and minimize environmental impacts (print it once!).  Students will not only work on their academic vocabulary by using math terms, but also work on explaining the concepts to one another.  This center or activity embeds speaking and listening skills as well as challenges students to use the 8 math practices.  As an added bonus, they don't even realize they're using the math practices and math feels more natural.  You can always challenge students to create their own cards as well or add words to the "do not say" columns.

Happy math time!
-Ms. Vice

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