Monday, July 15, 2013

I Have, Who Has? Landforms

Our grade level decided to try something new for science this year.  Each one of us is teaching a different science concept and I have land forms :)

I love teaching land forms!

I get to review the solar system, structures of the earth, geography, mapping skills and much, much more! We use Google Earth to take virtual tours of the world and use the time lapse feature to watch the Grand Canyon erode over time.  

I love to start the unit with images like this:



to peak their interests!  Since we live in a desert, my students have really only seen the mountains and sand.  Some have been to lake beaches but very few have experienced other land forms.  Thus, we use a lot of Google Earth to bring the world inside our classroom.

Of course, whenever possible, we use food as well:

Plate tectonics have never been so yummy :)

To help my students review vocabulary words, I made a "I have, who has" station that can be used in whole or small groups.  It's a great review of crucial vocabulary and can be used as test prep!   If you'd like your own copy, it's available here for your science pleasure!

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