Sunday, April 3, 2016

It doesn't hurt to ask...

I've been doing a lot of wedding purchases on Etsy for several reasons:

1) Many of the items are cheaper or comparable to what I'd find in stores, but I don't have to leave the house.  Since I've been super sick, this is a huge plus. 

2) Many of the items are way cooler than what I'm finding in stores.  Sure, I could go with a generic sparkly S on the top of our cake.  Or those plastic cake toppers of the groom running away from the bride. 

Or I could go with our custom Batman one.  

For the same price.  

Naturally, I chose the Batman one.  Thank you Etsy for making this magic happen.

3) I'm supporting small businesses, which makes my heart happy.  Since I've got three side small businesses ({TpT}, {Jamberry} nail wraps, and {Younique} make up), I know how hard it is to have these side projects.  Plus I'm (ideally) supporting families.  

4)  I get to talk to the sellers first. I think I've messaged most of them with questions about the products and usually hear back within 24 hours.  That doesn't happen if I'm buying at a store.  I'm able to work with the sellers to customize items with exactly what I want, which is great.

Plus...I drop the "this is for bridesmaids" or "since I'm ordering several, is there a discount?" line and most of the time, the answer is yes!  Sellers will bundle items (to save me the cost of shipping) or give a small discount because I'm buying 6 or more of something. 

It doesn't hurt to ask!

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