Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I finished the Hidden Oracle.

With help, of course.

I have a lot of feelings about it.  I also used a lot of curse words at the plot twists.

I very much enjoyed it, despite the profanity.  Rick Riordan may be my second favorite author, but no one tops J.K. Rowlings. She's number one, always.

So, I feel like this:

I hope to have the novel guide and chronological order sort done by Friday, so stay tuned.

I finished my training today. It left me rejuvinated and excited for the future, which is a feeling I've been lacking.  I'm not quite through processing my learning, so stay tuned for that as well.

My mama found a very pretty dress while out shopping with her sisters today for the wedding.  She looks happy and that makes me happy.

My dear friend (and officiant) Marlene became a first time aunt today.  Congrats to the growing Q family! 

I finished the end of Gilmore Girls (again), so the combination of the book and the television show has left me in emotional shambles.


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