Monday, June 27, 2016

End of June

The end of June meant I sort of slacked on my "Joyous June" posts.  Sorry.

Let's recap what's been consuming my time:


Al Capone Does My Homework, the third (and final?) in the Al Capone series.  

Not loving it, but read the other two and feel an obligation to finish the series.

Plus, I have a snuggly helper!   Wait, helpers...


Shark Week.  

Without shame. It's my favorite time of the year!


This baby shower wreath for my (future) SIL and future niece or nephew.  The shower is this coming Saturday (July 2nd) and she's scheduled for her C-section on the fifth.  

Even with coupons, this was an expensive project (both financially and with my time).  I'd never tackled a wreath with multiple layers and I think it turned out alright.  The instructions I found on Pinterest weren't super helpful, so I winged it.  I did the entire base layer of burlap
 first, then weaved in the yellow polka dotted burlap.  From there, I added the black chevron burlap.  I then added the gray ribbon and smaller yellow chevron ribbon.  I glued on the chalk board, but also added crafting wire and tape to make it more secure.  


1 wire wreath frame
60 ft of burlap
15 feet of decorative burlap (polka dotted and chevron)
2 spools of gray ribbon
3 spools of yellow chevron ribbon (one to frame the chalk board, two for weaving in the wreath)
1 chalk board
bee accents (4 buttons, 2 wooden designs)
Chalk board markers     

The chalk board took about an hour because the letters require multiple coats to be so vibrant.  I started with framing the board with chevron ribbon and then adding the letters.  I then used tacky glue to secure the wooden bees.

I've made burlap wreaths before, but this one still took four and a half hours.  Luckily Netflix was there to accompany my crafting binge.  I didn't want to stop midway through to put all the materials away so I pulled a late night crafting party.    

Working on...

I just finished another bundle for {Ava and Pip},  have a Snicker of Magic one in the works, pinning beginning of the year classroom ideas, and being reflective on my teaching craft and careers.  I've also been working on filing, shredding, and house cleaning because that's a necessary evil.  I've also set up future sales on TpT for the 4th of July, Percy Jackson's birthday, and more!  Stay tuned for more details.


Well, trying to live with yet another sinus infection.  My nostrils tingle all the time, it hurts to breathe, and nose sprays only provide temporary relief.  After much hoop jumping with insurance, I've got an appointment at the end of this month to hopefully get the clearance I need to proceed with surgery.

 I also had some of my bridesmaids over to work on bridal shower crafting, but more on that later!

We took passport pictures.   Only one of us was excited about it...and the other was B.

Oh, and we attended Amber's wedding.

We also attended one of our flower girl's fourth birthday party.

I go back to work for a planning day tomorrow, then have no plans until the weekend. I feel guilty for not working, especially when many of my cowokers are subbing at year round schools, but I'm finding things to fill my time.  Summers definitely confirm that being a stay at home mom would not be the job for me.  I know some women do this and are wonderful at it, but I'm getting stir crazy after only a few days at home.


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