Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Joyous June, the Bridesmaids Edition

I like things coordinated, but not identical.  For my bridesmaids, I gave them my parameters (marine, floor length) and let them pick the gown they felt most confident in.  My maids all picked ones with decorative necklines, so I got them matching earrings to tie their looks together.  Since the dresses can take a while to come in, I was getting a little worried that one of my maids hadn't purchased hers yet.

However, I also didn't want to be a bridezilla and keep nagging her.  When Facebook so kindly informed me that David's Bridal was having a sale, I casually passed that information on to her and to my mom.  

They went shopping over the weekend and she was able to order the one she loved for $50!  (Regularly close to $200.)  I'm filled with joy for her because I know finances can be tight (for all of us) and didn't want my day to be a huge burden.

David's Bridal quoted her way too much for alterations, so I told her we'd do much better closer to the wedding.

I get to check "bridesmaids dresses ordered" off my to-do list (and that brings me joy).  

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