Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Joyous June and steps in the right direction

Instead of sharing a long, rambling post about my frustrations with scheduling an appointment with the passport office (over an hour on hold y'all), I'll simply share this:

We have our appointment for Saturday, July 2nd.  

He's unable to take off work, which meant we needed to find a location that was open Saturdays.  Luckily the nearest one is at our post office, a mere two miles away.  His mom is looking for his birth certificate and we're taking our pictures this weekend.

Since I'll be changing my name next year, I was worried I'd have to pay for this again.  However, if it's within the year (which it will be), it's free to renew for a name change.  Hooray!

I'm joyful because:

1) One more wedding task is complete.

2) We're moving in the right direction for operation honeymoon!

3) I only have to pay once!

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