Saturday, June 4, 2016

June Goals

Ahh, summer.  The time when I get to take a moment to breathe, pause, and recharge.  Here are my top ten eleven goals for the month:

First and foremost, I want to follow through with the {Joyous June} challenge.  First post is up!

Second, I want to finish deep cleaning the house.  I'm redecorating by moving things around from room to room.  The house feels fresh without me having to spend any money (hooray!).  I'm also redecorating to make the house less "me" and more "us".   I don't need travel pictures of my study abroads up on the wall, I need space for our honeymoon pictures.  I'm not sure he's noticed, but it's making me happy.

I changed out our front door wreath:

I know I'm not technically married yet...but close enough.  It's just paperwork and a big party at this point. 

Third, I'm going to commit to healthy habits.  My friend and coworker has a gym pass and wants company to motivate her. I'm not committing to every day, but a few times a week will be nice.  I've got a tentative hiking date set up with another friend as well, so that will be nice.  We'll be taking Waffles, which will naturally be an adventure.  Speaking of my fur baby, I'll also walk Waffles early in the morning and do some yoga and lifting during the day. I've got time, so I might as well build healthy habits now.

Fourth, I'm going to try to cook more.  We're trying to save money and that means less eating out and more cooking at home.  With the help of pinterest, we're trying one new meal a week.  I'm hoping to use this time to find quick and easy meals that I'll want to make (or help make) after a long day of teaching.  

Fifth, I will attend all my appointments.  I have a face CT on Monday to figure out my deviated septum and see if surgery is an option to fix my chronic sinus infections.  I have a follow up with my ENT to go over results.  I have my one year post-Lasik appointment with the eye doctor.  I have a ring cleaning scheduled with Jared's and Waffles has to get her rabies vaccine.  The cats aren't due until July, so that's next month's task. I also have a three day training for the school district that needs to get done.

Sixth, I will find non-wedding things to craft.  One of my bridesmaids just got a new position within the school district and that calls for a new cute sign for her office!

Seventh, I will NOT turn to shopping for entertainment.  Summer is risky for the budget. I will go out shopping with a list and a specific purpose, not to pass the time.  Monday's shopping includes the grocery store, Home Depot for a new filter for the fridge, and getting a wedding present for a friend.  It does not mean I will wander into every single store at the mall.  I will practice self control.

Eighth, I will host a make up and nails party for a friend.  I haven't done one in months and am starting to miss it.  I never signed up as a consultant for {Jamberry} or {Younique} to become rich, I just like the products and want my own discount.  

Ninth, I will enjoy reading.  I've got two books for the classroom and one professional book on the coffee table. I'll try to get through all three this month.

Tenth, I won't feel guilty for this earned time off.  Summer break can be a touchy subject. I get very defensive about the break.  I'm not paid for this time off.  I have a nine month salary and 25% of my paycheck is withheld, then given back to me so the state doesn't have to pay teachers unemployment.  I consistently worked 3 extra unpaid hours each day (often more) and on the weekends.  This is my catch up time for when work took over my life.

Lastly, I will be reflective on my teaching practices.  This year was rough.  Next year I won't be an inclusion teacher.  That choice was made by my administration to give me a break. I'm trying not to take it personally.  I don't want to be a classroom teacher forever, so I will use this time to think about future career moves and make plans to achieve them.  

What are your goals for the month?

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