Friday, June 17, 2016

Fri Yay?

I struggled today to find things to be joyous about.  

Father's day brings up all sorts of unpleasant feelings.  Last year we conveniently adopted our puppy, so that distracted me as I overwhelmed the internet with pictures of my new baby.

Seriously, look how cute and little she was:

She's still cute, just not so little anymore. 

Father's day is rough.  B's dad is out of town on an annual fathers' trip but I still picked him up a card and gift from the both of us.

I had an appointment with my ENT this morning.  We are going to proceed with sinus surgery to correct my deviated septum and blocked sinus passages.  It's tentatively scheduled for Monday, August 8th (right after a dress fitting appointment).  It's an 8 day recovery time, which takes me right up until I can go back to work.  I have an appointment with my primary care physician at the end of July.  I'm optimistic that insurance will get things done in a timely manner and that I can have this operation before going back to school.  Because you know, breathing is important.

However, I also haven't had the best relationship with my teacher's health insurance, so I'm fully aware there's a possibility that this operation will take place in December.  I also have no idea what the cost will be, so that's a little terrifying as well. 

While I was super excited about saving money at Target, it was kind of an expensive trip.  We needed new light bulbs, trash bags, and a father's day gift, so that was a good chunk of change.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning in preparation for tomorrow's {make up} and {manicures} girl time.  Sunday will involve girl time and a nap.  

Even though I've been out for two weeks, I feel like summer "officially" starts next week.  I won't have any trainings or appointments (except at the hair salon for my wedding hair trial!).  I've got girl time next Friday with some of my bridesmaids to finish up bridal shower stuff.

I'm trying to still find some joy in this Friday.  What are you excited for?

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