Thursday, June 9, 2016

Summer Goals

I just got done with a really inspiring conference call with some of the women in my {Younique} tribe.  We talked about goal setting and adding joy back into our make up posts, which perfectly corresponds with my {Joyous June} posts.

So, because I'm all fired up (and well rested), I thought I'd carve out some time to do summer goal setting.

1) Craft for others.  I made a sign for my friend for her future job:

And another is in the works!

2) Help others.  One friend wants me to help her decorate her mantle while another wants help redecorating her little boy's room.  My future MIL wants help redecorating their house.  I will happily lend my shopping services to others!

3) Read.  

I'm working on The Hidden Oracle and loving it.  I've got Al Capone does my Homework and Wonder on my night stand.  I also have Love and Logic to help me shift some practices in my classroom instruction.  

4) Get ahead for next year.

I accepted the position as a 4/5 literacy representative for my school.  This doesn't mean I'm out of the classroom.  What it means is all my preps have been bought out for what I assume are meetings, trainings, and observations.  I will have to make sure I get to work extra early to be fully ready for my day.

5) Develop more products for TpT.

Right now I'm sitting at 177.  My end of summer goal is to be at 200.  I have a few that need to be cleaned up (now that I've field tested them with the fifth graders), a few in the works, and a few that are just floating around in my head. 

6) Organize the garage.

Since a bulk of my teaching things had to come home for the summer because my classroom was being painted and used for summer school, the garage became the dumping ground.  I'd like to finish sorting through teaching materials and organize all our stuff into boxes.  

7) Organize the house.  

The pantry has fallen into disarray. I need to get read of clothes that no longer fit or shoes I haven't worn in years.  It's time to declutter and simplify.  I might as well deep clean while I'm at it.

8) Try new things.  Even if they're scary.

Tomorrow's is a whole series of selfies about a new lip stain.  Next week I'll try self tanner.  The week after that? New cocktail recipes.

9) Write more. I have a few new journals. I enjoy blogging here.  I need to get out of my head and onto paper (or screen) more often.

10) Exercise more. Today was a good start!

 What are your goals?

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