Saturday, June 4, 2016

Joyous June, days 1-4

It's a few days into June and I'm challenging myself to find the little things to be joyous for each day.  Since I'm already doing a Gratitude journal, this was an easy challenge to accept.

Tuesday, May 31st:

The fifth grade promotion ceremony was held after a full day of teaching.  We cleaned the classroom and desks in the morning, had rehearsal at the middle school in the afternoon, and went to set up after students were dismissed.  We made a Google Slides presentation (instead of power point, we're stepping up our game!), had balloons, a guest speaker, programs, and awards for the students.  Families were amazingly respectful and I got some pictures with students afterwards.  It was a nice closure to the school year.

Wednesday, June 1st:

It's hot in Las Vegas.  My school is conveniently within walking distance of a recreation/aquatic center, so that's where we spend the last day of school.  The fifth graders who met their goals (and didn't cause any major behavior issues) spent two and a half hours in the water at the pool.  There are two water slides, a lazy river, and pool chairs all around.

Really, there are worse places to spend the last day of the school year.  

Once we returned, our parent chaperones had set up the grill and were making lunch for students.  After students were dismissed, we had a small staff party with a taco truck.

Thursday, June 2nd:

This day was devoted to cleaning out my classroom.  My room is being painted, so everything had to come off the walls.  My room is also being used for summer school, meaning all my personal items (books) had to come home.  Luckily I'd already started a bulk of the work and everything fit into one car load.  I was home by 1 pm to start summer break.

Break started with a nap, included Waffles getting a new kiddie pool, and a dinner date with B.

Cheers to summer break!  Year seven is in the books!

Friday, June 3rd:

My brain missed the "summer break" memo and I woke up with a ridiculous amount of energy.  I decided to channel that into beginning to deep clean the house.  I got the front entry way, one hallway, and den completely cleaned.  I did several loads of laundry.  I'm joyous that I had the time to tackle the project.

I had some of my bridesmaids over Friday night for wine and crafting night.  We assembled the bridal shower invites, worked on the wedding favors (there are two), and drank several bottles of wine.  Our next round of crafting is in a few weeks and as always, Waffles was an amazing helper. 

I removed the invitations first, so no damage was done. 

Saturday, June 4th:

I'm joyous that we have a home warranty because our air conditioning compressor went out.  I'm joyous that I do NOT have to go to Costco until Monday and get to avoid the weekend craziness.  I'm joyous that as soon as this post is done, my plans for the day include a pedicure and starting a new book.

I challenge you, dear readers, to find one thing each day this June to be joyful for.  Share if you'd like, but try to focus on the positives in life.  See what happens when you magnify joy.


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