Saturday, July 2, 2016

What will it bee?

With the holiday weekend approaching, I thought I'd take a minute to pause and reflect on an even more exciting event.  I'm going to be an aunt again.

B's brother and wife are expecting their third child.  Since they already have a daughter and a son, they're being surprised by the gender at birth.  

They're still having a baby shower and it's bee themed with neutral yellow, black, and gray colors.  The gist is "what will it bee?" which is fun.

I've got a minimal role in the baby shower but here's what I've tackled:

Game One:

They're having guests vote on baby names (which I've kept secret because the shower is later today).

I snagged this {freebie}, used {free fonts} and inserted text boxes in Word to create this game.  The parents to be had a version they liked but asked if I could "make it better", which to me means cute fonts and borders.  

They're excited, which is what really matters.

The Wreath

I've already blogged about {the process} but this wreath is off to my (future) mother in law's house today!  I don't know how their front door is, so I included two hanging options:

The first is self explanatory, but doesn't always fit between doors and door frames.  So I also have a command hook, which is used on the inside of the door and hung upside down (as shown with our own front door).

Tada! There's your hack of the day. 

Game Two: Jeopardy

The mama to be (bee) emailed me her questions for jeopardy.  With the help of glue sticks, poster board, decorative envelopes (thanks Joann's) and note cards (thanks Target), I transformed this:


All while binge watching Shark Week.  Of course, it wouldn't be a project at my house unless there was pet helpers laying on the poster board as I'm trying to glue!

I also made grandma to bee, mother to bee, and big sister to bee sashes for the party.  Big brother, great grandma, and dad all got buttons to wear as well.

As part of their gift, I also snagged this adorable {onesie from Target}:

It comes with a hat but I also picked up coordinating bibs.  

I will love this munchkin regardless of gender, but I'm really hoping for a second little niece to spoil! 

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