Saturday, July 9, 2016 July

I blinked and it's a week into July.  Let's look back at {June}.

Here are my top ten eleven goals for the month:

First and foremost, I want to follow through with the {Joyous June} challenge.  First post is up.  It wasn't perfect, but I did fairly well at finding things to be joyous about.

Second, I want to finish deep cleaning the house.  I'm redecorating by moving things around from room to room.  The house feels fresh without me having to spend any money (hooray!).

I already shared about the wreath. I also framed some of our engagement pictures and shuffled around decor.

I also finally framed some family photos that we took with his side of the family back in January.
Third, I'm going to commit to healthy habits.  My friend and coworker has a gym pass and wants company to motivate her

The hiking didn't happen because that friend got married and is on her honeymoon.  The gym hasn't happened because she's been subbing almost every day to cover unexpected expenses.  This month I'll do better.

Fourth, I'm going to try to cook more.  We're trying to save money and that means less eating out and more cooking at home.  

We've tried and will continue trying.

Fifth, I will attend all my appointments. Face CT done, meeting with the ENT done, vet visits for all three pets done, eye doctor done, trainings done, follow up with additional appointments are scheduled.

Sixth, I will find non-wedding things to craft.I made two classroom signs and two new wreaths this month.  I shared about the "what will it bee" wreath but I also made another:

My friend Ashley has been dealing with some medical issues and is in need of visitors.  So I lied and told her we were wedding crafting.  She helped paint an S for this wreath and learned how to weave in the different colors of burlap.  She loved it and asked how much one exactly like this would cost.  That's when I told her that it wasn't for the wedding, but was her new front door wreath.  She burst into tears, which made me cry as well.  

Her husband is serving our country in the Air Force, which is the reason behind the color choices.  She's also a huge Carolina Panthers fan, so this works out.  We're finalizing the wreath next week but going to add in American flags and the S she painted. 

I looked at opening an Etsy shop for these wreaths, but it's on hold until I figure out how I would ship these to potential customers.  Instead, I made a public Facebook album with the wreaths I made.  I've already had a few friends share so I'm hoping to pick up a few side jobs crafting.

Seventh, I will NOT turn to shopping for entertainment.  Summer is risky for the budget. I will go out shopping with a list and a specific purpose, not to pass the time.  Monday's shopping includes the grocery store, Home Depot for a new filter for the fridge, and getting a wedding present for a friend.  It does not mean I will wander into every single store at the mall.  I will practice self control.  I did a fairly good job with this goal.

Eighth, I will host a make up and nails party for a friend.  I haven't done one in months and am starting to miss it.  I never signed up as a consultant for {Jamberry} or {Younique} to become rich, I just like the products and want my own discount.  

Party was fun. I'm still learning how to contour my face. It's fun to play with make up!

Ninth, I will enjoy reading.  I've got two books for the classroom and one professional book on the coffee table. I'll try to get through all three this month.

I got through one.  Trying to finish the second this week.

Tenth, I won't feel guilty for this earned time off. I'm struggling with this one since most of my friends work year round.

Lastly, I will be reflective on my teaching practices. I've thought about things, but haven't done any serious journaling yet.

What are your goals for the month?

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