Monday, July 4, 2016

Looking Ahead

Next year we're trying something new.  

Well, not new, we're going "old school".  We're going back to units of study.

We haven't discussed it as a grade level because not everyone wanted to meet over summer to get ahead for next year.  Not that I blame them, especially since one has been subbing (year round schools) on a frequent basis.  However, since I've got to completely move back into my classroom (because of summer school and my room being painted), have no prep periods, and am still (tentatively) scheduled for sinus surgery in early August, I want to get a head start on next year.

We want to blend reading, writing, language arts, science, and social studies into units to make learning more authentic for students.

We've got the backbone of one of our four units mapped out.  We decided to cluster all the standards into social studies units.  Next year we'll be focusing on Native Americans, Explorers, Colonies, and the American Revolution.

Social studies standards allow us to use both informational and literature standards, blend in all types of writing (narrative, expository, and persuasive), integrate language mini-lessons, and imbed technology and science content.

We're using a modified version of Engage NY's curriculum for math which is why that subject isn't included in our planning.

You can snag our unit planning template guide {here} for free!

We left ourselves space for including vocabulary, primary source documents, ideas for close reads, and more!

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