Monday, August 12, 2013

Mmmhmm...we've got SWAG

This morning my fabulous team and I met to discuss plans for the upcoming school year.  At nine am. On a Monday during summer. (Future students, you are welcome)

Perhaps what I'm most excited about (other than working with four other wonderful educators who will want to share the workload to simplify all our lives and actually like our job) is SWAG.

That's right, SWAG.

Since we'll each have an am and pm class for either small group reading or math (I will teach small group reading twice and no math), we decided to have a competition between each of the classes.

Classes can earn up to 4 points per period and the first class (am or pm) to reach fifty points wins a prize.  For me, the prize will be free reading with pillows and book worms (gummy worms).

However, to earn the points, they must demonstrate SWAG.

S: show up with yo' stuff (supplies, homework, etc) 
W: work hard, the whole time
A: all of us here all the time (no bathroom breaks)
G: give & get respect

However, they must ALL do all parts of SWAG to get the four points.  (One point per letter).

I'm pretty excited to frequently ask my students if they brought their SWAG. 

Of course, I made a glittery SWAG sign by adding magnets to wooden letters:

Don't forget your swag :)

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