Monday, August 19, 2013

New classroom things

While avoiding organizing the desks in my classroom, I decided on making some new items for the first week.

Here is the first one: 
new classroom sign

I went to my local craft store for a new board

 to make for a coworker (like mine)

And found this new decorative shape chalk board

So I made this new sign:

I changed out the ribbon for a polka dot one and used a pink paint marker to add some fun.  I plan to hang this on the door to my classroom :)

Project 2:
Lucky Charms welcome treat

Using Google image search, I found a cute image of the mascot for Lucky Charms:

Made a template in word, printed on yellow paper and stapled to a bag of Lucky Charms cereal.

I will pass these out on the second day of school. 

I figure I'll be hungry midday since my body isn't used to only eating at certain times and my students might feel the same.  Cereal is relatively healthy and doesn't make a mess in the classroom.

Project Three:
Plates to decorate a bulletin board

This one isn't  done yet, but I was inspired by a pinterest idea.

I'm going to dicut white or blue letters and glue them onto the plates.  I'm planning on writing "What we're learning" on the plates and using it for the whole year.

My bulletin board is a light green color with a blue and white polka dot border.

I have high hopes of cuteness :) 

Happy crafting!
Ms. Vice

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