Wednesday, August 7, 2013


A few days ago, I posted about my intention to make a pencil vase to hold flower pens.  

Today I bought my supplies:

I figured I needed a polka dot ribbon to hold the vase together and I think the green will blend nicely :)

(Finalized project picture coming soon)

I wasn't planning on the blue flowers being almost the same shade as the picture frame I bought for book quotes...but that's okay! (Hard to see from image)

I also wasn't planning on this project blending so nicely with my new behavior management tip of "noise":

Using these magnets and super glue, I'll turn these letters into my newest behavior system.

I will remove letters as students get too loud and when it's down to "NO," there is no more talking.  Students can of course, regain letters based on good choices as a class.

(on my fridge)
I'm excited for craft time and very appreciative that Hobby Lobby makes everything in similar shades!  It makes me seem much more coordinated :)

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