Friday, August 2, 2013

Classroom Organization

While browsing pinterest and teaching blogs, I stumbled upon this adorable classroom organization bin:

I have a red upcycled tackle box that just has sticky labels for supplies.  I want to redo mine to be more pink and cute like this one :)

I know my markers, expos and glue sticks don't fit in the container.  Instead, I put in book rings, bandaids and cough drops because my students need those supplies often.

I go over the procedures and expectations for the supply box , then my students are free to use the supplies.  They are starting to become more independent and advocate for themselves, which is important. 

Our rules for the supply box:

1. Don't get up and get something during direct instruction time 
2. If a supply is running low, let the teacher know
3. When in doubt about using a supply, ask a teacher first

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