Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Math Centers Bundle

Since I teach my math in small groups, my students need a center to keep them engaged and on task when they're not with me.  We don't have enough iPads or computers to go around, so I compiled my dozen favorite math games for students to play.  I bundled these centers and you can grab the 20 page packet here.

These games require very little teacher prep beyond gathering supplies (cards, dice and for some, candy) and printing the materials.  They can be scaffolded and incorporate any operation(s) depending on the grade level.  Some can even be sent home as homework to practice with students.

My students, which were almost all English language learners and about half had individual education plans, excelled at these.  I rarely had behavior issues because they knew if they were off task, that meant they were choosing silent book work instead.

Hope your students enjoy these stations as much as mine do!

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