Friday, August 9, 2013

Bulletin Board Hacks

If you've read my previous blog posts, you've seen the following tips for bulletin boards:

-Use a flat sheet or table cloth instead of fabric or paper.  Sheets tend to be cheaper (especially during back to school time) and you can pick up a variety of ones at Good will or other second hand stores for only a few dollars.  Plus, you can reuse the sheets over and over again, which is better for the environment.

-Use command strips and binder clips to store unused bulletin board borders.  You can hang these inside a wardrobe or off the side of a filing cabinet.

-Use colorful scrapbook paper to make your own letters. 

-Laminate bulletin board letters to make them last longer.

-Use black butcher paper for a "reading graffiti" board where students can record their favorite quotes from novels.

Today's new hack:

Glue pushpins to the back of clothes pins to display student work.

Dye the wooden clothespins whatever color you'd like using RIT dye.  So much faster than painting!  Plus you can color coordinate with your classroom theme!

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