Friday, August 9, 2013

New data ideas and encouraging students

With the school year fast approaching, it seems I'm spending lots of time on pinterest looking up new ideas to make my life easier and be a better teacher.  Here are some new ideas that I found that I'm super excited to try:

Idea One:
Data folder for me:

This would be great for small groups so that I can share the information with the rest of my grade level.  

I use a notebook for writer's conferences but wanted to have a different system for small group notes.  

I think I could also use this for conferencing with my own homeroom about AIMSweb progress monitoring.  

I think I would color code this by small group and include labels (teacher name, IEP students, etc).  

I think I would need to keep it by my small group table so I consistently write in it but I like the simplicity of this.

Second idea: 
student praise

This ties in perfectly with praising students for making progress and meeting their individual goals.  It could be used for acknowledging AIMSweb, IEP or improvement on standards based assessments.

Plus, I could make it with polka dot or chevron borders :)
Or make several different ones and give students a choice of which one they'd want to wear.  
(Football one, soccer one, polka dot one, one with book border, chevron pattern, etc)

Granted, this might only work for my extrovert students but it's still better for the environment than printing lots of sticky labels for students to wear and pick at all day long.

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