Friday, August 2, 2013

Oh Target, You Get Me

Target and I have a long history. I'm not a Wal-mart fan and will begrudgingly go there only as a last resort.  But Target and I are a potentially dangerous combination...especially the dollar bin (dollar spot?).

I love their sales.  I love the cute classroom things I find.  I love that they have novels that are around fifth grade level.

 I love their cute polka dot buckets that I always find a classroom use for. 

Yesterday, I found scotch tape 2 packs in the dollar bin.  

Score! For some students, I have them use tape with their notebooks rather than glue.  Tape has no drying time  They simply take two SMALL pieces, tape opposite corners and pass the tape to the next person.  Plus, there is no mess which is always a benefit.

I also found small rolls of patterned duct tape.  Now I was mostly excited about the zebra print duct tape, but I'm sure there are other patterns if zebra isn't your thing.  

Happy shopping!

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