Sunday, August 25, 2013

Monday afternoon project

'Twas the night before school started and I was thinking of cute projects to do.

I've already picked my next project.

I will go in an hour early and stay an hour late, but I want to work on the whole work-life balance.  For me, that means having down time to watch TLC and have craft time.

This one will probably be my after school project tomorrow:

The original idea has chalk board paint but I think I'll just do silver & black sharpies on a pink and white polka dotted letter.  I will add green polka dot ribbon and find a 3M adhesive hooks.

This will be one of our Tuesday activities.  I'll make sure to leave space for the ten or so new students I'll get throughout the year.

I'm glad I have a craft project to relax with tomorrow night!

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