Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ready for the first day

It's that time of year again.

Come 8 am Monday morning, I'll have students.  28 of of them to be exact.

We had our school's open house on Friday and I met about half of my students and their families.  I must say, I think I lucked out again because my students are adorable.

Here is my room for open house:

I added a FAQs chart on the board so that students and families would have something to do while I was talking with their classmates.

Students will receive their welcome letter and a treat on their desks:

We are bursting with excitement about fifth grade!

They'll also get a pencil Tuesday morning that says "you're just write for this class!".  I'm using sticky labels as flags this year to save time :)

Here are the letters for our class competition for AM and PM:

The first class to fifty points wins the competition with a maximum of 4 points per day.

For my word wall, my awesome coworker gave me her old Scrabble tiles,

Which I added magnets to using hot glue and...


My new word wall magnets.  Granted, they are tiny but since I have fifth graders, I assume they know the alphabet. 

I'll be putting these on a metal filing cabinet and students will color-code our word wall (reading, science, math and other).

Outside my room is our bulletin board.  Using a pinterest idea, I added letters to paper plates to frame our bulletin board:

It says "what we're learning" and takes up the whole space above the board.

To make it less awkward, I'll add the standards and learning objectives on one side of the board and an explanation of our activity on the other, that way the whole bulletin board can be student work.

I just have to finish prepping a few centers but I think I'm all ready for Monday :)

Ms. Vice

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