Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New TpT Product: Novel Unit for Number the Stars

When I was at my mother's house recently, I was charged with the daunting task of going through my childhood books to determine which I wanted to keep for my future kids, which were going to my classroom and which ones would go to Goodwill.  I stumbled upon my childhood copy of Number the Stars and fell in love with this novel all over again.

It never fails to make me and my students cry.  I've done it as a read aloud for the past two years in my fifth grade classroom.

I revised my teacher unit to reflect the more rigorous Common Core state standards and posted the packet on my TpT store.  There are suggested vocabulary words, pre and post reading reflection questions, comprehension questions, suggested extension activities and numerous compare/contrast activities (RL 5.3).  

Happy reading!

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