Sunday, November 1, 2015

November goals

It's November, which means another month of goal setting.  

I do best when I write things down, thus my goal setting here.

I met part of my goals for {last month}, which is typical.  I tend to be overly ambitious all the time, which means a lot of things are piled on my list.  They don't all get done.  That's okay.

Goal 1: Finish teacher guide for The Sword of Summer

I finished reading the novel to meet my {challenge with a student}, I just have to finish typing up my teacher notes.

Goal 2: Create chronological order sort for The Sword of Summer

I'll pick 26 of the events from the novel and make a cute sort for it.  I make these available to my students as a way to check their comprehension before taking an AR test.  There's also an answer key, so they can self-assess and determine if they're ready for a quiz.

Goal 3: Bellagio Fountains and Gardens

I want to see the fall designs!

Goal 4: Haunted Ghost Tour (?)

There are two different options, one in Las Vegas and in a neighboring ghost town.  It'll depend on price but I really want to do this!

Goal 5: Get Christmas cards done

I want them done and mailed out in a timely manner this year.

Goal 6: Participate in the thankful blog challenge

That one is self-explanatory, I want to try to find one thing each day to be thankful for and share it publicly.

What are your goals for the month?

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