Sunday, November 15, 2015

Good for the soul

It's Sunday. I spent an hour this morning (yes, before 8 am) grading, entering grades, and doing lesson plans. I did what was due today for homework for my grad class...and that's enough.

I'll look at Thursday's homework during prep this week.  

In terms of other "school prep", I'll make my lunch in the morning and go to the grocery store today.

I work really, really hard during the week. I am there early, stay late, help when I can, volunteer to do more than I should, and sometimes feel like I'm carrying the weight of others.  Okay, I often feel that.  But enough is enough.  

I'm reclaiming my weekends.

I'll do what is necessary, but I'm capping work on the weekends to two hours between Friday afternoon and Sunday night.  

Other than that? It will have to wait.

I'm not being valued by my district. I'm not being treated with respect and compensated fairly.

So I'll take more time for me and fuel my soul with things that make me happy.

On today's agenda? A hair cut, checking out TJ Maxx, taking a nap, starting a new book, and watching football this evening with B.

What are you doing for you today?

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