Thursday, November 5, 2015

Long term book goals

One of the best things about being an elementary school teacher is that I get to read books and legitimately call it "work".

I gave myself the goal of reading all eight books for our battle of the books competition:

Words With Wings
Ava and Pip
The Crossover
Wild Born
Binny for Short
A Snicker of Magic
The Right Word

The competition is in April, so I've got roughly a book a month.

I checked out Ava and Pip for my next read because my students were enjoying it.

I'm also conquering Text-Dependent Questions by Fisher and Frey for graduate school, so that takes top priority (seeing how class ends November 22nd).

Also on my list of books to read:

Love and Logic (professional book)
The Lemonade War

What else should I read?!

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