Sunday, November 1, 2015

Currently in November

Reading... The Sword of Summer.  I've got to meet my {challenge} and not wear Denver Broncos attire (gasp, the horror!). I'll also be reading 31 essays this afternoon and chapter 1 of my book for my most recent grad class.

Playing... "give" with Waffles.  She's found a sock. We just got done playing tag. 

Watching... Nothing. My brain, despite it being a weekend, still decided to wake up early.

Trying... to decide what {Jamberry design} to do next with my nails! I rocked a solid purple for about two weeks, so thinking maybe it's time for a pattern.

Cooking... nothing.  We've got premade shredded chicken for sandwiches for lunch and I haven't decided what will be for dinner.

Eating... nothing. I don't like to eat when I first wake up.  Plus I'm multi-tasking with work and eating right next to the laptop is frowned upon.

Drinking... nothing, that would require getting up from my work fort at the table.

Calling... friends later.  It's been far too long.

Texting... no one. It's far too early to contact anyone. I will be texting work wives later, but at an acceptable hour.

Pinning... teaching ideas, always.

Tweeting... gosh, about nothing! It's been a while since I've been on instagram and twitter.

Going... to nap later. There is most definitely a nap in my future.

Loving... how smart my puppy is! She's going to graduate from obedience school soon and just learned "place" this week.  She's got a special blanket that we'll take with us to dog parks and that's her safe zone.

Hating... that the students got a five day weekend and I only got a three day weekend.  The next two days will be staff development days...and my excitement level is about a zero because I anticipate a lot of wasted time and no new information.

Discovering... subtle connections between Riordan's books.  This man is a genius. I also get irrationally angry at him for what he does to characters.

Thinking... about that nap.  Goodness I love naps.

Feeling... a bit chilly and loving it.  We're finally experiencing fall temperatures, so the air is off and the back door is open.  The cats are loving getting to smell outside through the security door.

Hoping (for)... an easy fix for my car.  She's going into Carmax tonight because the center console is displaying low tire pressure, despite tire gauges reading differently.  It's under warranty, but I hate being without a car.

Listening (to)...a quiet house.  B and the animals are sleeping, which leaves me to be productive without distractions.

Celebrating... it's November.  How'd that happen?

Smelling... nothing. Thank you allergies.

Thanking... a lot of things. I'm trying to 

Considering... options. Teaching is hard. Teaching where there's an attitude of disrespect and blame is even harder.  I'm not talking about my school specifically because it's amazing, but this entire district doesn't value veteran teachers.  It's hard to be passionate about my job when my district doesn't treat professionals with respect.  I shouldn't have to fight each year to keep the raise I earned.  I shouldn't get pay cuts while new teachers get bonuses.  I shouldn't be continually asked to do more, with more students, for less money and less benefits.  We are reaching a tipping point very, very soon.  The next rally for teachers will be on November 10th (payday) before contracted time.  Over eighty schools participated last month and with the union and district going to arbitration, again, even more are angry (rightfully so).

Starting... to grasp this "daylight savings time" situation.  As someone who spent her first two decades in Arizona, the whole change yo' clocks thing is still a bit weird.

Finishing... grading.  It's an endless, daunting task.  Then finishing lesson plans.  Sigh.

What are YOU up to currently?

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