Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Biting my tongue only works for so long

Quite frankly, the school district is a bit of a hot mess right now.  The most frustrating part is I don't know who to direct my anger towards.  Is it the superintendent and his cabinet for mismanaging funds? Is it the board of trustees? (One is an incompetent ignoramus who had the audacity to enter our school and tell fifth graders that the goal in life was to be rich and have lots of friends.  Petitions are circling to get this person recalled.)  Or should I be mad at teachers health trust? The union?

I know the one group I'm not upset about is my fellow teachers.  While I can't speak for all educators, but the ones I'm blessed to work with are some of the most passionate and dedicated educators.  They are there early, stay late, and reach into their own hearts (and wallets) to provide what their students need the most.

In one of the teacher support groups I'm in, I found this rather frustrating post.

I do not know the author in person and for that, I am grateful.  She's been rather hostile and aggressive towards other teachers, which serves no purpose other than fanning the flames of anger.

Her post:

"I ran into a nice kid yesterday who told me he hoped to get his degree and then apply to be a TFA. TFA is a scam. Please warn your friends and neighbors about this trap. It would be much easier for aspiring teachers and better for kids if the leader in the at-risk classroom was prepared.  Please forward to anyone who is considering this move and warn them."  

Below it, she attached a rather biased and negative opinion piece.  

Normally, I move on from these sorts of things. I try to take the high ground. I try not to engage with the irrational.

However, I've had enough.  Biting my tongue only works for so long.

Here was my response: 

"Don't paint all TFA teachers, or ARL teachers, with the same brush. As a TFA alum who's on year seven in the classroom, I take offense to my non-traditional career path being called a trap and a scam. Teaching isn't easy, period. Name calling and pitting teachers against one another doesn't make the situation better. Why not band together and inspire one another? Not all students have the same background, so why not embrace that teachers have diverse backgrounds too?"

So far, I've only received positive replies and other teachers mentioning the great work that the TFA teachers have done in their buildings.  Turns out, spreading positive vibes and emphasizing diversity as a positive attribute is more well received by the public then rage-filled vents that seek only to hurt others' feelings.

Yes, teaching is quite frustrating at times.  Low pay and a lack of respect don't help.  But when teachers start bashing other teachers, how does that make the situation any better?

Instead, I choose to spread good vibes.  I hope this rather angry teacher finds something positive to share with others.  Being irate all the time isn't the way to live.


  1. Well said Ally. Well said. I applaud your positivity despite knowing how frustrated you are.

  2. Thanks Erin! Her negative commentary exploded while I peacefully slept, so I responded one final time and walked away from the conversation. Passion is a great thing, but anger and name calling gets us nowhere.