Friday, November 6, 2015

I'm a Reading Ranger too!

Our school participates in our performance zone's initiative of the Reading Rangers program.  It's a more structured and strategic approach to independent reading, where students work through book levels and badges, slowly increasing their ZPD and taking monthly STAR tests to track growth.

Like all programs, it has its flaws, but I've definitely seen an increase over my previous school in terms of my students' motivation levels to conquer independent reading.

On Tuesday of this week, we attended a several hour long conference on Reading Rangers.

We picked up some new ideas from other schools, definitely had the cutest boards and staff shirts, and were recognized for our performance.

One of my big take aways was to be a reading ranger myself.  So...I did.

Fifth graders have the end of the year goal of graduating Storm at the end of the year, so I gave myself that goal as well.  However, they only gave me until the end of January (thanks kids!)

I've got 2 stars done, 33 more books to read!

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